Cromagnon – Orgasm 1969 [Full Album]

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1. “Caledonia” 00:00
2. “Ritual Feast Of The Libido” 04:21
3. “Organic Sundown” 07:48
4. “Fantasy” 14:58
5. “Crow Of The Black Tree” 22:18
6. “Genitalia” 31:58
7. “Toth, Scribe I” 34:44
8. “First World Of Bronze” 45:23

The following people contributed to Orgasm:

Austin Grasmere (lead vocals, music)
Brian Elliot (lead vocals, music)

Connecticut Tribe:

Peter Bennett (bass)
Jimmy Bennett (guitar, bagpipes)
Vinnie Howley (guitar)
Sal Salgado (percussion)
Nelle Tresselt (honorary tribe member)
Mark Payuk (vocals)
Gary Leslie (vocals, multi-sound effects)

Released 1969
Recorded 1969 at A1 Sound Studio, New York City
Genre Avant-garde, sound collage, obscuro, psychedelic rock, noise

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